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Paulettante Veedu

Paulettan is a big businessman from Thrissur who has the Midas touch and is also a very hardworking person. But he is not a native of Thrissur as at a very young age, he came to Thrissur with his mother. He gained everything through his hard work and finally became one of the richest businessmen in Thrissur. His experiences turned him into a miser and he leads a simple life without spending his money lavishly. This miserly attitude of Paulettan has its reverberations primarily on his family members his mother Thressiamma, wife Rosamma, and their two daughters Sara and Sneha. Sara falls in love with Amal, the son of a Gulf Malayali. Amal leads a lavish life and Sara's love is a revolt against her father's thrifty behavior. The resulting incidents in the life of Paulettan and his family are plotted in Paulettante Veedu.

A wealthy businessman's miserly habits cause no small amount of stress and embarrassment to his family, particularly his daughter.


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